EL 13302 – Perforated Structural Cableway

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EL 13302 – Perforated Structural Cableway

The Structural Cableway with 360° ferrule is able to eliminate the cutting area at the top of the material and provide greater mechanical resistance than traditional “U” type cableways.

Using as an example an Eletropoll Structural Cable Tray, according to tests carried out in the laboratory, a structural cable tray on #20 plate has greater mechanical resistance than a traditional #18 plate cable tray on the market.

Compatible with: Cover 1304 or 1305

Product features: Produced in 3m and 6m. Oblong 25x7mm.

Finishes: PZ – Pre-Zinated (NBR 7008), GF – Fire Galvanized (NBR 6323) and PT – Painted.